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(Last Updated On: December 1, 2015)

After a wildly successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday event, I decided to highlight some of the more popular postings that came in since last Friday.

How to get into quant algo analysis

As usual, I get the “how do I get into algorithmic trading question”. I do think this is a decent one with answers even from Dr. Ernie Chan. You may learn some general tips hear about Quant algorithms.


Go here to learn more



The nice thing about this community are the amount of little Tweety Bird hints who give me interesting tips. I kind of suspected this may be another one but it is from the same person who strongly hinted to short oil this time last year. If I had listened, I could’ve made a boatload but this is from the same person so take heed.


Go here to learn the exact rationale


The FX Derivatives Trader School book

Oh boy, as I move into Forex learning I can confidently say that most retail traders are what the professionals call dumb money. After learning in detail why this is the case with corrupt Forex brokers, way of learning traditional thinking, etc. etc.


I will stress that you will need to read this newsletter in greater detail in coming weeks as I start to reveal the tricks that I’m learning. As usual, you can expect for automation around these as it can easily be done.


Anyways, my NYC contact has given us another Derivatives in FX book to look at. Go here to learn more about it


As I hinted last night in my webinar, I reveal why my simple options trading strategies will work in a heavily multithreaded/multicore programming environment for high-speed trading. If you are a Quant Elite member, I would recommend you to watch the video to learn more. As said, this 90 minute video presentation has been posted for my members.


Go here to get access


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