Apple IOS Swift could be the future in automated trading and even HFT

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2015)

Apple IOS Swift could be the future in automated trading and even HFT

I must say I am digging this Mac OX and IOS integration with my communication and software experience. Everything seems flawless and seamless for  behind the scenes to integrate it all. We all know how I feel about the recent Windows 10 trash experience but it ain’t like what Apple delivers.

Although the timing is funny, I am looking for a decent front end experience with touch and charting/GUI for this new automated trading system. I think with all this, I feel I have found it when you consider the slickness that the new Ipad Pro delivers with the Iphones. Also, I am thinking of even making a little for an Apple Watch down the line. After reconsidering the XCode IDE, this may be a way to deliver it via the new Apple programming language called Swift IOS deployment on all these devices. I do think this is the future for how we integrate next generation trading systems despite being chained to some desktop. I am going to continue with my experiment to deliver all this with Swift. It seems Python nor R are NOT integrated like this into a backend C++ console app which Xcode can deliver. Just remember this is all thinking so let’s leave it at.

Also, it helps to know Swift was open sourced a few days ago.

Swift is getting popular:


Swift potential charting sources:


How to Use iOS Charts API to Create Beautiful Charts in Swift


Some Swift resources


P.S. I was always a closet Apple fan boy for over a decade

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