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(Last Updated On: November 10, 2015)
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Download Powerpoint and video on Algo or Automated Trading Pros and Cons

Wow! It is amazing on the amount of info you can get in a span of 24 hours. First off I have posted my 20 minute quick presentation on the benefits of algo trading here.


This does include my Powerpoint slidedeck as well.


To be honest, my Meetup from last night had a surprise guest of a highly experienced options trader from the trading floors in Chicago who is automating his knowledge. Do you honestly know how valuable to talk to somebody like this is? Well I managed to record it and it’s been posted for my Quant Elite members so see more details below.

Microsoft windows 10 is utter pure rubbish

Just a quick info tidbit as I try to upgrade to Windows 10 which crashed, it literally destroyed much of my virtual machines that I had configured. In summary, I can say I am fully dumping all Microsoft Windows technologies a lot sooner than originally planned. In fact, I call it an urgent situation to get off of this. Oh and I did not mention the uncontrollable updates Microsoft forces on you when you use Windows 10.


Go here to see some of the stupid bugs I came across

ExtremeDB vs open source NOSQL Redis


Anyhow, as I mentioned about the webinar last night, it was revealed about a database called ExtremeDB which was introduced at a HFT trading show in Chicago. My question is: how does open source NO SQL Redis compare to it?


I have a list of some known comparisons here


OK, I mentioned my Quant Elite membership. What I’m hoping for is that my “Python Experiment” will be a HUGE success. If I can probably integrate with C++ and Redis with a sprinkling of Matlab and R, I do think we will be well on our way to building out an amazing modern open source trading operation that any person would salivate to have. As you know, I have so much information to provide anyone who is new at this to shave literally years of development time to get this kind of operation up on their own. Over the years, I’ve learned to keep these costs down to bare-bones minimum with no license hassles. As a result, I present a few options for any person that is driven for their success:


Choose a monthly plan to try it out by going here


If you’re extremely driven and follow what I do (and literally I know there are thousands of you out there that do), I created last week an annual membership that will give you an extra six months which will save you US$600.


Go here to check that out


As always, I have lots of information on this membership listed here.


As I said about this “Python Experiment”, I’m also looking at cool looking charting (and fairly quick) packages for an iPad. This is the future in modern trading with potential high-frequency trading on top of that. Honestly, I hope this excites you but stay tuned on what that is about.


I do really think you should join my daily digest to follow all of my research. This newsletter only highlights what is the most popular set of topics so you’re most likely missing out on a lot of information.


Go here to join but do realize I strictly do not release anybody’s information at all.


I do spend lots of money to keep all information secure since my minor hack in December.


Either way, I hope this email helps you out on your decisions in which will help automate your trading.


Over and out, your pal


NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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