Macro economic fundamental for FX trading underway

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2015)
Macro economic fundamentals for forex trading underway

As I now switch gears to Forex, what I’m learning is it’s not exactly the traditional way of looking at the markets. For instance, I’ll be focusing heavily on fundamental analysis versus techical or quantitative. What I’m currently learning is deep macro economic activity drives real Currency trades. This of course increases volatility or risk on where the true market trading opportunity lies.

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Last call for annual sale at half price for 18 months

This will close off tonight at midnight

As more people pile on annually, I don’t know if I’ll be holding another event like this for many months if at all.

Tales from yesterday here:

I was in a big downtown Toronto shopping mall yesterday. For me, I was amazed on how Black Friday events are affecting other countries like Canada. One other statistic that hit me was how Black Friday is now as big as Boxing Day. So my little gerbil in my head started spinning its wheels. Why not have a post Black Friday event for anybody sitting on the fence that wants to join my Quant Elite membership. I figure why not offer six months for 18 months of  Quant Elite membership access. That’s a pretty good deal I think so I’ll keep it running until tomorrow night on Sunday Nov 29!


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