Its Saturday Nite…I need to educate you about the Carlyle Evil group

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2015)

Its Saturday Nite…I need to educate you about the Carlyle Evil group

Doing this job can take you very lonely places, very lonely places.


Is the person who is trading derivatives aware of the risks and intimates the same to the person whom he is selling the same to i.e. risk transfer ?
i think one is called stanley the other is laurel
So the answers is no ?
but it depends on the time of day
risk increases towards lunch time
you know traders have mental breakdowns then. as probability increases when they eat hamburgers, you know americans
What do you mean by mental breakdowns ?
the stress of the job
What stress are you talking about ? Are they playing with their own money or the money of the pension funds ?
Carlyle despite losing money is still in business ..
they are but they own the world
What do you mean they own the world ?
you don’t know
they are funded by an evil empire
Please educate and train me ..
Who ?
Who is funding them ?
Any specifics names .. Do they disclose the same in the reports that they file ?
the shadow government aka the evil empire
Specfic Names please ?
xyzw ..
you should be scared like all of us
you should be scared like all of us
Well .. I am in a powerless situation .. so i can be swayed in any direction .. It really works well for some of the non achievers .. they are still present in the organizations ..
Whatever sail the boat ..
you are a powerful person ..
sail the boat to gilligans island
do you know who that is
he is our savior
Whatever it takes to get the job done ?
sail away son sail away
I have sent an e-mail .. We will do whatever it takes to sail not my boat .. sail their boat ..
Anyway we are interested in data vendors .. where can i obtain market data for 1908
hollywood has a secret archive of paper dust
It degenerated from there 
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