Hardware considerations for server with C++ Fastflow architecture

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(Last Updated On: November 21, 2015)

Hardware considerations for server with C++ Fastflow architecture

Key is throughput of your concurrent processing of the chips and kind as well

[7:48:26 PM] Bryan Downing: here is what I focus on

[7:48:40 PM] Bryan Downing: i am architecting the system:

[7:48:47 PM] Bryan Downing: as i am a mere mortal with a fixed budget

[7:49:15 PM] Bryan Downing: this system needs SSD (small amount is ok as it will only need some console apps with basic Linux services running)

[7:49:32 PM] Bryan Downing: boatloads of ram to house the data

[7:49:42 PM] Bryan Downing: processor is key but this is where you pay

[7:50:12 PM] Bryan Downing: 24 threads are needed for max throughput but for now, i can get a decent little system for under 1k

[7:50:23 PM] Bryan Downing: i can get a good cluster for $1500 as well

[7:50:36 PM] Bryan Downing: just for testing but as they system gets more sophisticated, i scale up the hardware

[7:50:51 PM] Bryan Downing: they key is to remove as many unnecessary services the OS will run

[7:51:25 PM] Bryan Downing: it will have less competition for the processor cycles which the my systems’s threading will compete for so it will be useless to run on windows

Example: https://quantlabs.net/blog/2014/12/meet-the-ibm-baby-beast-server-for-potential-high-speed-automated-trading/


This vendor is decent for anyone in Toronto http://canadaserver.wix.com/canadaserver#!ibm-servers/czn3

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