Fundamentals of Algo Trading robots

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2015)


Fundamentals of Algorithmic Trading robots

What are the fundamentals of algorithmic trading robots?  I just posted an ad on this topic and saw another one on Facebook. These are kind of the lazy man’s approach of automatically trading no different than forex robots.  For the smart people, they are no different then a quick rich scheme. It’s also sad that there are so many suckers buying the stuff.  My suggestion is:

Don’t buy it but go here if you want to see a sample.


I just did another webinar on what appears to be a popular topic of C++ with hedging. I demonstrated one Matlab pay off chart, and three C++ programs including Greek analysis for options trading. These are fairly simple but can quickly shave off many weeks of research as I have put it in. This was one of my more popular topics as many people seem to like the links that I provided. I base all my experience from researching over the last 5+ years.  As stated, this video is now part of my Quant Elite membership.

I did post this video if you have access 


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