FREE CME ebook to automate trading for futures and options

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2015)

FREE CME book to automate

trading for options and futures

We may be onto something very very beautiful. Google can be quite

wonderful at discovering new items including this one. I got this self

study guide on options and futures training from the CME!

This works beautifully in terms of how easy it is to comprehend but yet

complements the UC Davis course. As usual, I will use this as a

roadmap to help build out a baby automated trading system.


See my quick overview video here on this


Long and short hedging futures

trading demo with basis in C++

on Ubuntu Linux source code

As this is for any real new be in the world of Quant trading, I have

decided to start breaking out small demos in C++ on the above set of

topics. I have made a very quick video explaining shorting or longing

with hedges and basis risk. This sort of knowledge will keep you in

the game of futures trading in the long run.


Please watch this quick video to demonstrate with source code walk-through.

If you want instant access to this source code among so many other


For these Examples please access here:


Don’t forget of my recent download section I just added here.


Again get instant access to all this here


Still not convinced? Check out all the entire the benefits here


Thanks for reading


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