Does HFT only use a simple algorithm?

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2015)

Does HFT only use a simple algo?

Nuno on Facebook posted this exact topic to my group this morning. From the few talks with multi-millionaire traders who run institutions, many of them have stuck with very simplistic strategies to fit their HFT needs. This is in order to ensure efficiency on calculations of data as it is streamed into a trading system. So the question becomes: why do we blow our brains out with complicated models as compared to simple trading metrics?


Read more about this topic here


In fact, I have just finished off 2 quick but simple C++ demos to showcase all this:

Cpp demo of selling futures to protect against falling prices

Cpp demo of buying futures to protect against rising prices


In this exact same source code is in my Quant Elite membership to get instant access to this right now by going here.


Learn more about this membership here


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PS: I just finished off my first talk to the Canadian Society Technical Analysis today. You can preview the content with my presentation PDF here

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