15 books any data scientist should read

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2015)

15 books a data scientist should read

Is it safe to say that quants are now becoming data scientists. If you read this list that is recommended for any newbie data scientist, you would start to wonder about all these hot topics including big data and machine learning. I’m not sure how these are very relevant for trading but I have my own reading list as well.


Do check out this reading list here


Just told in the last week you will start to see some of the topics I’m starting to focus on. These are all submitted to my Quant Elite members. These latest topics include:

Long and short hedging futures trading demo with basis in C++ on Ubuntu Linux source code

Downloads and Files

Hedging demos in C++ Meetup

Using Greerk Analysis for options trading in Cpp on Ubuntu Linux

Source code for Linux CPP Demo of 2 futures contracts with basis and net gain or loss

As you know I take a lot of pride in this new membership but the latest download section is the most mind blowing of all. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep some of the documents in there as they are from various institutional sources.

 Do check out the list here by getting immediate access


Details of the entire list of benefits for the membership

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