10 excellent books on R

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2015)


10 great books on R

I have been going through some R postings which has impressed me lately. This language has come a long way with more ingenious blog postings on various ways to look at data. As more people pile in, people will be looking for really good books to learn from.


This list is quite good to get you started so check it out here 

All of our R courses

It is weird to say goodbye to a language a few years ago but revisiting it again. Why? It all comes down to Microsoft on how they are now butchering the trust of Windows users. As I am comfortably migrating to Linux, my choices of programming languages is very limited to both Python and R. As I said before, this is a big experiment that I’m willing to take on. I’m also tired of constantly having to pay licensing fees when there’s better free open source alternatives out there.


Do you realize that I have covered a lot of popular trading algorithms in the R programming language?


If not, you should check it out here.


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