What are skills and lessons needed to be a multi high level performance WEALTHY auto trader?

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2015)

Here is the issues you are looking for:

Let me introduce you to the world of the highest possible trading pay out out there. You need to have following skills to be at the top of financial food chain:

  1. Master all aspects of C++ at lowest level to optimizer performance with fewest dependencies
  2. Understand custom Kernel and Multi-threading low level of Linux 
  3. Master all levels of math for advanced quant knowledge with most innovative and unique view of the markets


Additional common thread from KING of the HILL traders in various costly courses:


  1. Don’t get emotionally attached to losing trades so cut them fast
  2. Have no patience in the markets for average or mediocre returns
  3. Leverage?
  4. Scale with automated trading
  5. 80-90% of forex traders and retail traders lose money -> use dumb money as liquidity to exit Johnny come lately party 
  6. Don’t believe market analysts and financial media talking pinheads


What skills for the ALL STAR quant researchers (>1M in top quant HFT or even hedge funds)

  1. Work under extreme pressure with most complex trading views of the market
  2. Innovate don’t imitate
  3. Key technology implementation is key to make banks the best. Ask Goldman Sachs.


Remember these are not quick rich over night infomercial BS! Here is what I got:

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So where does this take us all?

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Here are so many benefits explained here

Thanks for reading


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