Finance reading list books for machine learning and new quant big data methodologies

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2015)

Python R Cpp finance reading list books for machine learning and new quant big data methodologies

I have compiled a reading list of most popular current and modern books for automated trading when it comes to the world of finance. This includes books ranging from R Python to C++.  It also includes strategic topics including machine learning to game theory.


Do you think this will take a few quite a few months to go through?


Check for my reading list here

GULP! Python insight for quant research?


As I’m finding Python is way too big to ignore, I’m feeling my next big step is to start learning the language including applying some of the mention books above.


Read more about my thoughts on this

Hedging demos in C++ Meetup


I have just posted another Meetup on all my recent hedging demos that I have posted in the last week. This will take place next Monday at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time.


Check out where to go here to get registered


As you know, I post all the source code for all my Quant Elite members.


I want immediate access now


There are many benefits and more to come as well


Thanks for reading


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