Expert Insider thoughts on low latency programming trading languages

(Last Updated On: October 30, 2015)

Expert Insider thoughts on low latency programming trading languages like C C++

Java vs Python

So many people want to build these high frequency trading systems but personally I think they’re learning from the wrong people. I am very lucky to have people who have contributed
to my own knowledge to know the right way and a wrong way to develop these trading systems. If you followed me for a while, you know who exactly I’m referring to. If you don’t know
who I’m referring to, let’s just say they’re making more then your family for the next 20 generations will ever make. Fortunately he was able to give me a solid advice and probably the best
advice I’ve ever heard regarding all these programming languages.


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I also find it quite preposterous how these old school trading gurus claim they are pumping out well to do traders. To me, that is utter garbage, if you’re confident with your trading audience
or community you would easily allow third-party analysts to to measure their income. It is to showcase who is making bank! if they are, then you would showcase it. Wouldn’t you? Well guess
what? I do that with a service called Quantcast. At my last check, 40% of my trading audience makes over $150,000. Let me stress this: it is verified by Quantcast!


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Most of all I have listed quite a few set a benefits here.t

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