Completed code generation of Matlab Simulink trading model to C++ to Microsoft Visual Studio

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(Last Updated On: October 21, 2015)

These capabilities are part of my Quantlabs.net Premium archive but has been closed!

I have some great news to report. I can UNIVERSALLY CREATE A  C++ DLL FROM MATLAB SIMULINK MODEL VIA THE SIMULINK CODER toolbox’s code generation process.

I have various older videos and postings on it:

1. Youtube video on Matlab Simulink converted to C++ successfully with real time market data analytics for HFT potential

2. Big news! Microsoft Visual Studio .NET C# application example that can read a Matlab Simulink code generated from C++ DLL


3. Posted Important examples of .NET C# testing examples to call Simulink code generated C++ DLLs with further details


Next step is to build the inflow component which includes the process of feeding real time market data into this new C++ DLL model. This will be built using .NET’s C# language to get this system to market rapidly. Did I say that the C++ model also includes the real time analytics?  Stay tuned as I report back on this.

UPDATE: This has been completed 10x over!

Once all these steps are complete and everything will be provided including the Simulink model and all source code, you can expect many automated trading algorithms which will be part of Quant Elite.

Here is a list of the benefits to this membership. 

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