Windows support for Interactive Brokers C API

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2015)

Windows support for Interactive Brokers C API

I got this through my contact form:

Hi, I am searching for a C code (Windows system) that connects to TWS and is able to get all functions offered by Interactive brokers. Do you offer that? Thanks and Regards

I offer this but to be honest, I may be having more success with Java right now which I am working on this week.

Is it possible to get both codes C and Java? I know C/C++ but have not worked with Java so that might require me to spend some time.

Thank you very much,

I post everything to all Quant Elite Members. I just posted this project
I am also posting Java code for the Karen Supertrader.

Thank you. Before I become an elite member I wanted to ask if there is support to get these codes running in Windows environment?

If you plan to run Redis, it is best to tun in Linux as it has issues within windows.
Also, I am unsure of your Windows compiler but you will not be able to compile C with the IB API on Visual Studio so you would need to use the Visual C++ IB API option. If you choose Cygwin or Mingw with GCC, you will have literally ‘HELL’ to pay to use the IB TWS POSIX API option as that is sometimes years behind the mainstream IB API (Java, .NET, VC++) releases. This is why Java is IB’s most popular API option so you can deploy on any major OS like Linux, Windows, or Mac OSX. ¬†For Windows, your only other option is TWSLink2 which is riddled with so many bugs people have given up on it but my courses show how to get around that using Visual C++.


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