Proof you could forecast Chinese market meltdown

(Last Updated On: September 2, 2015)

Proof you could forecast Chinese market meltdown

After this posting: https://quantlabs.net/blog/2015/09/black-swan-nassim-taleb-hedge-fund-billionaire/

We got this conversation going on Facebook:

I have talked to him and his collaborator Raphael Douady who developed Anti-fragiity,Fragility Transfer theorem and etc…. Do you think this VIX movement and Crash on recent Monday was unpredictable and just a random event ? Black Swan considers it a random occurrence. Prof. Taleb doesn’t predict .He simply warns to manage risk using his “Anti-fragiity” approach “STATICALLY”. As Didier Sornette,whose advice has been helpful for many hedge funds to earn many billions in past claims to predict his Dragon Kings”DYNAMICALLY” using Bubble & Crash detection mechanism. P.S. Randomness has hidden Synchronicity rather than claiming its unpredictable ,which is extremely hard to do. Thanks.

He saw it months ahead like all all the insider did! Check the link results below with the dates. If you saw this in an automated way, you would be able to afford a brand new Ferrari in each custom color. You would also be paying cash. Only fools (aka human traders with emotions) would have not seen but they like to argue against it!! https://quantlabs.net/blog/?s=bubble

I would like you to watch this carefully before commenting. Thanks. http://www.ted.com/…/didier_sornette_how_we_can_predict…

I have heard about this as well but when you look at the creation date, does this mean he saw something back in 2013. If so, he missed the mark by 2 years! If you follow the ‘bubble’ search link above, you will note that the reliable pros go it within 3 months ahead. You just read about it in reliable Bloomberg everyday. I cannot argue about this but everyone chooses their own path in predicting the market. I have seen many mathematical ways to forecast which I hope to automate one day!

Choose well my friend, choose well.

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