Open Source OpenCL best FPGA HFT deployment

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2015)

Open Source OpenCL best FPGA HFT deployment

I got this from an FPGA follower

I thought you might be interested in this journal from Xilinx.

My view on this is simple. I need to develop trading ideas rapidly. I will never have time to hand code the monstrosity of something like OpenCL. Unless there is an intelligent simplified layer built on top of it, I still won’t use it due to it usually being highly constricted. I look at Python as an example on how there are so many options to do something. Same with Java. R unifies everything nice with RStudio but it still has its problems. This why I use my Simulink for rapid trading idea implementation. I will NOT have time to wait it out for some dude to fix a problem in his open source library. Plus we are not even talking about the complex multi threading component within OpenCL.. Maybe I am missing something but I still find Simulink with code generation is the best option I got for potential FPGA deployment.

I could always be wrong based on something I don’t know but this consideration is a long way off!

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