Integrate Simulink models with C or C++

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2015)

Integrate Simulink models with C or C+++

Some interesting examples to integrate Simulink models with C or C++




More complicated: http://www.mathworks.com/examples/embedded-coder/12288-call-external-c-code-from-model-and-generated-code

More compicated:  http://www.mathworks.com/help/ecoder/examples/calling-external-c-code-from-the-simulink-model-and-generated-code.html#ecoder-ex36862053


This appears to work best:


Works in a writeable directory like C:\Users\Bryan\Documents\MATLAB\simulink\Integrate External Cpp

For C run command to load Simulink under Code tab: http://www.mathworks.com/examples/search?q=c+code


For proper configuration for C++ (rtwdemo_sfcpp) under Code Generation -> Custom Code settings

Source file: ¬†#include “adder_cpp.h”

Header file: blank

Initialize function:  adderVar = createAdder();

Teminate Function:  deleteAdder(adderVar);

Include directories: ¬†“$matlabroot$/toolbox/rtw/rtwdemos/custom_cpp_src”

Source files: ¬†“$matlabroot$/toolbox/rtw/rtwdemos/custom_cpp_src/adder_cpp.cpp”

Libraries: blank

Listed below is a 4 segments containing:

Example walkthru of Simulink integration with C++

Integrate Simulink models with C

Integrate Simulink models with C code generation

Integrate Simulink models with C or Cpp

Demo of Simulink call C in Ubuntu Linux

In conclusion, I don’t think this is a solid path at this point. due to inexperience I think. It might be best to handcode the Redis functionality around the code generated Simulink model. This sort of sucks but I tried.

NOTE the source files are available for any Quant Elite members to see if they get it working

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This is what I will have to end up doing:






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