Hit wall with Java for Interactive Brokers TWS, Hello TWSLink2 on Windows AGAIN?

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2015)

Hit wall with Java for Interactive Brokers TWS, Hello TWSLink2 on Windows AGAIN?

We are back to the wonky crap Java has given, you upgrade Eclipse/Netbeans and the JVM to current version with IB Java Test Client. Now we get these stupid messages in the IDEs of Netbeans and Eclipse:


….I found the solution: Actually my folder already contained a pom.xml file. Due to that it was not taking the new projects. I found this solution from this link.

blah blab…You have not even seen the recorded nightmare Java programs to manage. It looks like I am now revisiting my Visual Studio settings as set in my courses for Windows. It works and much easier to manage then Java. This is using the TWSLink2 wrapper which makes life much easier.

I am now looking to go back down that path. As IB development is very strange and doesn’t work as it expected. Ithink TWSLink2 will make my life easier after hitting frustration since Thursday. The big takeaway is that I cannot setll the order I buy from within my Java to TWS.  I am also using the same order id as well.  It was leading up to a point I was not being a fan once I found this out.

I need to use the easiest path for the newbies out there in my community as frustrating as this is!

i feel like a dog chasing my tail

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