Hail the human vs HFT trading robots

(Last Updated On: September 2, 2015)

Hail the human vs HFT trading robots

After posting this:


I got some responses:

I’m counting on assimilative indigestion, I’m a very expensive meal and a bitter pill to swallow.


on the contrary
the more hft the more relevant the human
This one makes a very valid point, HFT programs are only as smart as the human programmer who programmed them.
This came in from a recent Quant ELITE member:
Love it! I just signed up as an elite and will be wading into this stuff soon.
HFT is like a gun to shoot things so you can eat. Use it the wrong way (i.e. illegally), bad thing thing can happen. Just be above aboard, that is all I ask. 
Humans control these things but they just seem to be smarter then the discretionary trader or retail trader who does not know how to program.
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