Goldman Sachs rules the trading world

(Last Updated On: September 13, 2015)

Goldman Sachs rules the world

Understand the simple rule that investment banks like Goldman Sachs will rule the world. Even the Occupy Wall Street movement tried to do something about it but it fell apart. Despite all the nice public relations coming out of the banks, do realize you’re still an indie business in this world of finance.

Watch this video from 2009 on a trader who speaks the truth!

Quant meltdown danger growing

Today’s trading research is driven by the world of quants. No one else. Not humans, not talking heads on TV, etc. Here is an assessment in why those quantbots still say we are all in danger!

Check out that article here  

Demo MySQL C Insert Java Select with Positions Database Table

Have you seen the latest video to verify my systems ability to insert and select from MySQL? This is done both in simplistic C and Java?


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