My Stateflow notes from these webinars

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2015)

My Stateflow notes from these webinars

I learned many things and capabilities from this
Stateflow notes from

*** can use matlab guide to generate interface to feed data into simulink model

State vs super state
Add pattern for simple if/else/then or switch (transitions)

[ …] are conditions while { … } are action at 26:32

Can add embedded matlab functions
Use variable/symbol wizard to interface with simulink model

To use the Stateflow Symbol Wizard or Resolve Undefined Symbols in Your Chart

32:33 explains importance of parallel states

35:21 add->data local enables to add local variable in stateflow chart
37:21 during action-this is only active when state is active

41:30 enumerated variable
42:04 use simulink model explorer to change data type, not fan_mode_type is a class define m function.

43:49 truth table which is used to feed enumerated data type

50:05 added temporal logic after a certain time, do a delayed action

Webinar title “getting started with stateflow part 3”

4:50 self transition exit state but renter same state. Value t automatically refers to simulation step time.
7:14 history junction for if state has already been entered, check historical state data since it store previous historical state data
8:21 embedded matlab function

***For a state, make it subcharted by right clocking and can also choose format to keep all states same size

13:56 events which start with E, use send function to broadcast event in stateflow chart or simulink model, you can add event in stateflow
19:28 use goto block to warn operator of event to something like generic led block

20:24 stop event with simulink function to stop model block

Can use data conversion block from Boolean to double for instance at 22:03
222:47 no unconditional path in stateflow means there is no default transition


State actions:


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