Limits of Karen Super Options trader?

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(Last Updated On: August 10, 2015)

Limits of Karen Super Options trader?

After emailing this out:


A response via email came in

I have extensive notes on her strategy as well. The only catch for me is that one needs a portfolio account ($125K minimum) to make the numbers work. Otherwise, she suggests a modified strategy.

–> I think there was a change in a cheaper instrument

I would love to try to automate what she does there at some level, and there is another guy highlighted named Erik who modified the strategy to sell at 33% profitability that you should check out as well.

–> Do you have a link URL for this Erik?


It takes a while to really pick out the entire strategy from his interview but by filling in the blanks it’s possible.
Awesome suggestion. I need to hurry up and buy your course so I can start learning with you.

–> No pressure on the membership as the pricing will not change for quite the while


PS. I’m reading The Black Swan, which really makes me cringe at Karen’s approach, since it leaves you open to risks that are pretty hard to protect against unless you hedge a lot which makes her numbers less attractive.

–> I know she goes all in which is high risk from my POV. I am the opposite view to take low risk but I have some decent Matlab scripts to measure risk and portfolio optimization


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