How to handle a HFT naysayer

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2015)

How to handle HFT hype

I got this from a newsletter subcriber after I sent this out:
After the Michael Lewis book Flash Boys and articles like these (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-08-16/hft-treasure-map-presenting-rigged-stock-markets-full-latency-abritrage-one-chart) about HFT being way outside the indie trader’s grasp, I’m curious why you believe you can use the name as if it is possible to compete on any real level with the co-locations, lasers/microwaves, and special treatment of dark pools.
I love the direction you are going, but I’m always put off by your use of HFT. Help me understand.
First off Michael Lewis is a Hollywood producer who writes books. He trumps up facts after little research or not understanding potential in other areas. You can use Matlab to deploy HFT hardware based solutions as show in this video below from a PDF from Mathworks

Please note the banks whop use this solution which include UBS, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan etc.
In terms of network with these microwave devices, there are a few 3rd party players who help service exchanges for those firms who need it. This is a very expensive game so you better have a multi million dollar account to get started in this area.
 Also, there are 100% software solutions you can use as well to tie into standard HFT friendly brokers like Lime Wire.This is a much more accessible way for the ‘little retail guy’ to achieve it.  Here are some links below but realize this was built by the same person who built Lime Wire. He also runs a successful Hedge Fund which is one of the largest in NYC.
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