How Matlab MCR license distribution work

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2015)

How Matlab MCR license distribution work

This was from a comment on my Facebook group

Hi Bryan, thanks for sharing. I haven’t watched the the whole video, but would note that there is huge NO NO in terms and conditions about sharing the matlab compiler runtime (MCR) with 3rd party with ownership of the student and home licenses. I wish it was not a true, cuz have made a manual strategy backtester to be shared with the world including the code, but it is prohibited due to the terms.


This is what I got by Walter Roberson on mathworks. “You need to be concerned about how you distribute MCR, the Mathworks Component Runtime. The wordings around that have changed over time, but you still cannot just make it public for people to download as needed. You need to study the license about how to handle distribution of MCR.” I have an academic license, in t&c is written that, citing ”expressly prohibited”. But maybe it is allowed to do so with home license.


I can set up installs to download the MCR so I am not distributing it as part of the package. That should satisfy any concerns. This is explained in my video

Get more in here https://quantlabs.net/blog/knowledgebase/matlab-mcr-license-distribution-terms/

From Matlab GUI to standalone app

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