FIX8 for Interactive Brokers CTCI ?

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2015)

FIX8 for Interactive Brokers CTCI ?

NOTE: I have decided to abandon ship on this idea for now as there are not simplistic tutorial to demo a easy build with this library for Ubuntu Linux. It seems to assume that you need the skills which I don’t have at this point.

As i been approached for potential deployment on trading exchanges like Toronto, J’berg South Africa, and South Korea, it seems maybe I should research these trading execution options? If none of these work out, I could always resort to FIX on IB until a more stable option comes up.

Here are some tech docs

Click to access Fix8featuresandroadmap.pdf

I am not sure if Interactive Brokers funding requirements change for this type of gatewa in FIX CTCI


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