Amazon AWS cloud vs VPS for trading?

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2015)
Amazon AWS cloud vs VPS for trading?
Someone sent this via my newsletter. A good reason to be on Amazon AWS?
Use of Amazon AWS cloud vs VPS
We are using AWS instances as our Docker hosts. All in all they are cost-effective when you consider the hourly cost, the bandwidth, and the convenience to scale-up or down. If you use the simple equation that electricity in the GTA is like 10 cents an hour, that buys a nice EC2 instance with lots of bandwidth.
The question begs to be asked, is the Cloud a viable place to build a Trading Platform? I’d say sure is! You could automate the bring-up of a trading server one hour before the markets open. You can get instances with 10G Ethernet which will give  you a speedy path to the exchanges and brokerages (not super-low latency, but fast enough). In some ways, the cloud is almost as good as collocating a server at an exchange (except for the low-latency network).
Enough reason to look at AWS?
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