Trading Workflow from Research Paper to Matlab to C C++ or FPGA HDL for ultra lowest latency HFT

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2015)
Trading Workflow from Research Paper to Matlab to C C++ or FPGA HDL for ultra lowest latency HFT

I have just put up two new postings on how to trade options and futures. There's a definite relationship between these two asset classes but I only focus on options on futures which are non-deliverable.
Here are my two latest postings:

Options pricing and put call parity with intro to arbitrage

Additional options concepts with comparison of futures and options trading

This online course is Free and is a very old-school approach with a fundamental view. It still boggles my mind on how people need to complicate their trading for mediocre results. Do you really want to 
focus exclusively on technical analysis based on past pricing behavior? All these techniques learned can easily be applied into a high-frequency trading setting. Guess what my next phase will be?

Workflow trading idea go from research paper to Matlab to see C++ or FPGA HDL for ultra-lowest latency HFT

I will be starting this process sometime next week. Once finished, this will be my biggest milestone yet. Boy am I excited to release it to the world if it comes together. I will also be focusing on all the 
trading models coming out of this futures and options course which will be implemented using this methodology.
Join my Quant Elite membership as this take shape next week. I will be dedicating an entire Meetup around this. Not only that I'll be focusing a video playlist on my YouTube channel on this as well.
PS. If you are living in Toronto please visit our attendance session coming this Monday night.

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