Quantopian with Python have a long term future?

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)
So me and a friend were sitting around talking about cloud solutions for trading. The question that came up was how does Quantopian make money. After some digging around I found out they are relying on profit from this alternative hedge fund they want to start through their community. It does not seem to be professionally planned with no real vision. I also dug around to see what people thought of the service which is also limited to only US equity and ETFs. To be honest, I question how they can call themselves quants when many quants don't really focus on these asset classes. On top of that, I wonder if their primary investors will see their $24 million back in seed capital. Go here to see my views on it.

As some of the more legacy languages like Java are proving themselves long term, I'm pretty focused on C and C++ for now. But I thought I would put out two articles describing how Java still has potential while R is good but still has some major issues. 

PS. I am also introduced my ‘Bargain Harold’ pricing for the Quant Elite Membership. In summary, it is 1/15 of the previous price. 
Holy Intro to the Bargain Harold Sale to be an Elite Quant

Yes it is near rock bottom pricing. Try 1/15th of the previous price!
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