How to avoid broker fees while being HFT

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2015)

How to avoid broker fees while being HFT

A YouTube comment came in on a Youtube video

I’m happy to see this topic on your stream. I’ve been myself working on this workflow for 8 months already,
and have developed some framework to easily produce simulink models and have them running in production environment with several brokers.

My main question is the following: You are focused on HFT, and I was wondering what frequency of trading at market are you aiming to? are you able to move that much volume that you won’t get killed by commissions ? Would appreciate your opinion on that. My opinion is that if you are on the retail side, HFT is worthless looking at it since you can never compete with the participants with better access/fees deals to the market.

Thanks for the comment. I am designing this with HFT in mind but on the outset, I do not see myself going that route for quite a while. Capital will always be hindrance for that. You need to be on the exchange to avoid those hefty commission fees so big capital is needed (i.e. $500K min I would imagine). Your last sentence is exactly correct but this methodology can take you into the HFT space quite easily as opposed to rewriting everything in a peppy language like C/C++ or HDL. Watch the complete video to see what I mean.

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