Does Quantopian with Python have a long term future?

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2015)
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Does Quantopian with Python have a long term future?

This service is really in a bad long term situation. They raise $24m (I think) of capital but still not profitable and still debating this hedge fund pool direction they want to go:

People seem to bicker about how to do it. From my POV, this will not work but worst is the liability of lawsuits of any algos that go off the rails. Many nutbars using that service who fail will blame them so lawsuits fly. Lawyers are very expensive win or lose.


On Trust

pls. many real traders will not upload their secretive algo IP to these services no matter what the founders and management say.

This ain’t a good headline but I am sure their investors are fully aware of this:

So what happens when their community loses confidence and abandons ship?

Maybe that is already happening:


The best part? One of their ‘VPs’ says Ernie Chan is using it. I can vouch that Ernie Chan does not even use Python at all so I don’t know what kind of dope they smoke in Boston. Also, he only teaches in R but works only in Matlab with live trading in C#.

Also, let’s not address the splinter between Python 2.7 and whatever current version there is. Have fun boys and girls.

You decide on their fine folks

P.S. MOST IMPORTANT. We have NOT mentioned you are only limited to US equities and ETF asset classes. And you call yourself quant with that that limit of asset classes? I would be insulted but the quant newbie and wannabe sheeple will be ok wtih that.

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