Amazon AWS or Google Cloud with Python?

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2015)


Amazon AWS or Google Cloud with Python?

I have not had good experience with AWS due to its over engineered set of options. It is like you get lost in all those options. Talking to 3 level deep techs on potential architect ideas, I came away with that I was more confused on the question.They just seemed to throw general options of their services vs actually resolving the specific problem. Overall I am not happy on how Amazon handles its customer service affairs at all.

As I am moving away from Microsoft technologies, Azure is not an option. The next is Google Cloud, anyone have any decent experience? How about AWS itself? Google with its privacy concerns scare me most of all.

Oh yes, Python is mentioned so it now on the bucket list to learn as it has been become the standard de facto in using for Linux networking needs. That learning goal will take place later in the year. Sorry no Python needs to trading as Matlab will have that covered quite well.

Google Cloud vs AWS: A Comparison (or can they be compared?)

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