Swap underperforming stocks for better ETFs vs S&P 500

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2015)

Swap these underperforming stocks for better ETFs vs S&P 500

For the very first time, I’m reviewing my last set of trades which have been utterly underperforming compared to the S&P 500. Well it is time to do something about it. So I started focusing on ETFs where I have gone on and on about the benefits of them.

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Swap these underperforming stocks for better ETFs vs S&P 500


After last few set of videos while researching how ETFs perform against individual stocks, I have come to the conclusion that ETFs will make life much easier if you intend to buy and hold.  I have randomly chosen a high-performing market sector but you’ll see that ETFs will make better results in the long run. I find stocks too volatile to manage as a human.

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