Microsoft DOTNet and CSharp jobs drop 50%

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2015)

Microsoft DOTNet and CSharp jobs drop 50%

These numbers are startling drops especially C#:

According to some simple research on job aggregation site Indeed.com, there has been around a 60% reduction in C# jobs since its peak in 2010. This is backed up by around 50% drop in C# developer interest since 2012, according to the TIOBE developer interest index. However, for Angel it seems that the root cause is Microsoft itself.


As for me, I am starting to experiment with how Matlab deploys into both C++ and Java in a Linux environment. I can say I am getting some moderate successes but the true test will be on a Apple Mac envionment in coming months. I also think Windows 10 might be good but I am the new features don’t excite me a whole considering the tech deficiencies I have been having over the last number of months.

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