Has Microsoft DOTNET and Csharp it its peak?

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2015)

Has DOTNET and Csharp it its peak?

This is from Phil Trefold who put on an amazing presentation on F#. I still like these languages but the problem is Windows itself. Over time, I hope to migrate over to a MAC OSX client desktop with Linux as the backend. Everyone seems to be doing it too, with less operating system lag, and most of all a more secure environment. Matlab will still be my centrepiece for authoring trading ideas and models but I can code generate to C or C++. I can also build Java front ends on a Linux environment fairly easily. I am looking forward to saying bye bye to Windows. Also, the new Windows 10 may have some nice bells and whistles, but will stay have the same grinding problems I experience.


Also, check out the ‘collapse of the .NET econsystem’ Word doc in the link abaove

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