What trading algo is this chart for?

(Last Updated On: May 21, 2015)

What trading  algo are these charts for?

This is what failed algorithm charts look like

Ugh I wonder if these are useful. There are 4 charts with subplot (top is pricing action of close for 5 years vs some sort of oscillating metric). Download them from here.

Point72 Hedge Funds Expand Family Office

This is a former SAC from Steven A Cohen one of the worlds best performing hedge fund. Remember everything is private here as to avoid regulation. Basically he is betting his own measly $3 billion More details in the article found here.

No Think or Swim!  How to port Metatrader MQL forex trading to Matlab

I don’t like the Think or Swim API but can port MQL to Matlab for my needs. This video has a demo of this workflow that has worked for me really well over the last few weeks. I got a quick video on this here.

Start seeing more algorithms for my members in coming weeks!


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