Kim Dotcom says why Microsoft Windows is insecure

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2015)

Kim Dotcom says why Microsoft Windows is insecure
Last week on Bloomberg, there was a very high profile interview with Kim Dotcom. He said Windows is not a secure operating system but I always said ‘yeah yeah whatever’. As I was hacked last December, it really opened my eyes when I started applying the latest Norton Utilities on my Windows operating systems. My system not only was extra slow but after four months, my system got slower and slower. Overtime I have become very frustrated using Windows. As I get closer to setting up a Live trading system, my level of paranoia has gone up due to the fact that real money will be associated with whatever account I open. As a result I am looking for ways to reduce my risk using a Windows trading system. Luck is never on my side with these sort of systems.

Thankfully I was able to get Matlab running on a Linux Ubuntu virtual machine a few weeks ago. My decisions has swiftly changed on how I will deploy my algorithms and trading system. Here is an interview with Kim Dotcom about Windows and general security.


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