Interactive Brokers vs Oanda WIndows vs Linux conclusion

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(Last Updated On: May 27, 2015)

Interactive Brokers vs Oanda WIndows vs Linux conclusion

I must say that the options for Java using the Oanda API is primitive. I mean really primitive where there will be loads of trial and error I am not willing to put in. Let’s check out some examples from Oanda’s Github repository.

I just see some streaming and exchange rate examples which is not very useful. To be honest, I like the full self contained example apps from Interactive Brokers or IQFeed provided to make life so much easier. Oanda does not provide anything like this outside of examples on GitHub. I am not interested in the REST. Another interesting fact:

var url = "";            var request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(url);             string json = "";            string credentialHeader = String.Format("Bearer <YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>");            request.Method = "GET";            request.ContentType = "application/json";            request.Headers.Add("Authorization", credentialHeader);             HttpWebResponse webresponse = (HttpWebResponse)request.GetResponse();             var sw = new StreamReader(webresponse.GetResponseStream(), System.Text.Encoding.ASCII);            json = sw.ReadToEnd();            sw.Close();

They say your account is secured during the transaction over the net. When you look at what hackers can do, I must say this is unnerving. Anyhow sending it like this makes me wonder but I cannot say if Interactive Brokers is any better when it is sent from TWS.  Here is their spiel:

As for IB, we know all the options available through my research.

Those are some of the pros and cons of both Oanda and IB.

If I move ahead with Oanda, these are some options:

How To Use The Oanda FXTrade Java Trading Platform

The idea of this Java FXTrade platform is no different than TWS so it will be similar. I just cannot find any decent examples with Oanda. This is one option but it just shows you how to configure this software. |

The other options which is quite extensive but not complete:

There seems to be a lot of work here. It seems there will be a part 3. As for Python, really do I have to do it in that language? No thanks as I am not interested in learning another language to get something done easily.

My conclusion on the brokers:

It seems my real choice is Interactive Brokers using what I already have used and taught. Not the best but it will work as it is easy to develop. The problem is the solution is buggy. I can continue the way I am going but use IQFeed to get real world data. I just wish Oanda provided a more serious set of solutions if they want people like myself to use it. When you look at how Interactive Brokers has set the standard on how you can use their technology, it is no wonder so many use it. I must say that the competing brokers never seem to get it what IB sets. I also must mention you can use their resources without registering to use it for free. Let see how this proceeds.

To get free forex data, I can also use my CardStock examples I have demoed a while back using Yahoo Finance as the market data source. Not the best but it will do.

The debate of Windows vs Linux:
I really had high hopes with the Java deployment options within Matlab but it seems to work but to a certain point. When I tried to do this:

It does not surprise me that this will not work when you read my update. Oh well, maybe I expected too much or just plain lazy to tinker to get it working.

In terms of Linux, I reran my virtual machine and somehow it messed up my Java configuration when I try to run my Matlab no different than in my past video:


The glory of Linux but I will say that Windows keeps all my software intact when I reset it each time.

So as I mentioned despite the Microsoft bashing, I will stick with Windows for the short term using the Interactive Broker options I have presented in the past. I am just going to hold off funding off an account as long as I can.

As usual sorry for any confusing or contradicting info, there is always changing elements and combinations of tech that can make you think you have a solution, but they never work out later  under certain conditions. Nothing with past presentation but they sometimes don’t work as advertised.

I must say all options are really useful and splendid but you always have to choose one over the other. Ugh …more work ahead. I am always looking for comments on ths.

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