Former Goldman Sachs CTO debuts quantum computing with a threat to finance players

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2015)

Former Goldman Sach CTO introduces quantum computing with a threat to finance players

This is a video on where you can expect ‘automated trading’ to go

Is C++ Qt with Matlab to deploy trading algo on Linux and Apple Mac OSX best?

My Windows has been dogging over the last few months as well maintaining for anti virus is becoming to burdensome.

I have struggled which way to go but I was sort of impressed with KDevelop for Linux until I found this thing called Qt. I always knew about but let’s take a serious look at for  trading application deployment over multi operating systems.

With Matlab code generating with the support of the MINGW GCC compiler on Windows may be the way to go:

RStudio for R has webinars?

Who knew? This is one of the biggest reasons why I got into R a few years ago. I just wish the packages were more ‘professional’ otherwise Iwould not have reverted back to Matlab

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