Can you port Matlab Windows C++ to Linux properly?

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2015)

Can you port Matlab Windows C++ to Linux properly?

It looks like I am limited to Windows only. I managed finally to build a decent Ubuntu Desktop Linux environment with GCC C++ compiler with what appears to be an ok KDevlop IDE. After many different attempts  to code generate a Linux deployment package seems tougher than thought. I can easily generate for Visual Studio so the question becomes: Can you truly port C or C++ to Linux code generated via these methodologies? I am sure it also possible but us lazy people find that most likely a painful process. Or is it just better to focus on Window deployment? EEK, I don’t want to worry about this stuff right now just yet so I will just stick with Visual Studio and Windows for now. Also, CMake will not help as it seems useless in attempting to generate a decent make file.  As said,  this is not a big priority right now.

Everything pretty well comes down to this type of service for the hopeful security they provide.


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