Aerospike NOSQL database client code in Python C

(Last Updated On: May 21, 2015)

Aerospike NOSQL database client code in Python C

C, Node.js, PHP, Java, Python Clients Ready to Download

It only takes a few minutes to get one (or more) new clients. Click on the links below to download the latest versions:

C Client 3.1.16: Reduces memory consumption by running new query aggregation thread in parallel with data retrieval from server node threads.
Node.js 1.0.39: New add, append and prepend atomic operations to add integers values, append and prepend strings to existing bins.
PHP 3.3.15: Adds support for indexing complex types (lists, map) and for querying against those secondary indexes using the contains and range predicates.
Java 3.1.2: Supports Iterable interface in RecordSet and ResultSet.
Python 1.0.44: Implements latest security API.

To-Do Web App using JASPS

Another awesome DIY blog post from Aerospike Developer Evangelist, Dash Desai! He built a simple To-Do Web application using Play Framework, Java, Scala, and Aerospike.

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Get a Competitive Performance Advantage with Intel SSDs and Aerospike

Get the scoop on Intel’s recent performance breakthrough: One million database transactions per second with Aerospike + Intel SSDs on a single server.

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