ThinkOrSwim API acccess only for the .0001 %

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2015)

ThinkOrSwim API acccess only for the .0001 %

I must say questions are still unanswered in supporting programming languages and it still to mysterious to me. I did however talk to someone who is a customer and they verified you need $25k for API access. They also will actively watch your Think or Swim account for breaking the Pattern Day Trading rule of automating otherwise you get investigated by FINRA. Also, you need $20k in an account to get around that PDT rule. America, the free-est country in the world. Haha my right, Obama regulated you poor US based traders to death in this automated trading world.

As for TOS, they are way off in supporting the little newbie trader who wants to do automation. Interactive Brokers and many other support it so go elsewhere is my suggestion.

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Questions were:

As advices by Twitter, I am looking at 2 specific questions:
1. What programming languages do you support for me to access your
trading gateway? Can it be through the TOS platform like Interactive
Broker's TWS? Do you have any documents or access to this before created
a customer account? IB does with their demo account within TWS.
2. What are the minimum requirement for each access level? What does
each access give me over the other?

Very very vague Answers:

There are two paths for submitting a request to the API. One is for Personal use and requires a TD Ameritrade account and the other is for Commercial development or for a product that will be released to the public. Could you please tell us which you would like to request approval for so that we may send you the request materials? If you are requesting individual access, see below:

Please note that individual access to the TD Ameritrade API requires:
     -A TD Ameritrade account with either an account value of $500,000 or more OR 30 trades per quarter

If your TD Ameritrade account does not meet this requirement, please email us back in a few months, as we are currently working on expanding access. In the meantime, feel free to try thinkorswim from TD Ameritrade, which has a built-in scripting language as well as a number of tools to enhance your trading experience.
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