Simplest notes for Auto ABC pattern trading algo

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2015)

Simplest notes for Auto ABC pattern trading algo

I have listed various URLs on this blog but I have not done any summary notes on it. Here they are:

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E mini futures es, ym, nq

Market indicator $adv $decl xlf $esinx spy $trin $tick
One trend indicator ktrend

Fib bands with k moving average trend
Fib band zone pivots of 21 pd moving average 89 ema 200 sma

Uses combine market internals which is 7 indicators with one histogram to show market direction with 5 min chart
Enter trade once pattern Is completely formed. Price must be below neckline.

Price needs to trade at 2 bar high or 2 bar low 40:06. Price must close below that line before entry takes place. Or it must trade above swing high or low. Or wait for the breakout bar to take place. Also enter at a high range bar high/low.

Planned exits
Key support and resistance
Fib levels defined
ATR exits
Bar size exits

Moving average periods of 21 and 89 EMA and 200 SMA
Abc pattern is harmonic which works best 56:34 is type of abc formation which can be retracement or externsion (c went beyond ab leg) so they belong to either side, price projections are 62%ab 100%ab or 162%ab 57:24 you can project the time to t1 t2 or t3. This could be used for daily as in options timing projection but cannot be used intraday effectively. 1:06 shows c bearish leg for pricing projection.

Ktrend indicators can be used with this.

1:13 abc can be used in options data of options price which affects stock price. You could target premium price as well.
Perfect abc pattern (goal to target for these levels) 1:16
Outside fib band, is above mid fib band
Is retraced below mid fib band at least 50% but retracement no more than 78.6%
After long above the el or mid fib band level el is entry level
STop below c
Target 1: 62% ab 100% ab
Target 2: 127% ab 162 % ab
Example chart at 1:19:30
Set trade as same direction of ab

For ab how many bars were there? What was retracement for c%? Need entry and stop targets



Perfect ABC Trading Pattern

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