Oanda forex trading broker goal and next step is

(Last Updated On: April 9, 2015)

Oanda forex trading broker goal and next step is

I am looking at various ‘forex friendly’ strategies over the next few days. Once something is found, I will hopefully be able to scale to meet my next goal. Start with Oanda as they seem to be the best and most trustworthy forex trading broker out there. Being local town heroes here in Toronto also helps. Why not support Quandl while we are at it? Of course, I can really only focus on forex for the time being. I am also choosing Oanda as they seem pretty liberal with their API support with next to nothing funding. As a result, I will set a hopeful achievable goal of $10K profit to switch over to the almighty Interactive Brokers for both options and futures trading. There are many positive strategies that can be worked on with proper access to option chain data. These include some sophisticated futures and options strategies but are quite rich in terms of contract sizes. This can only be done through a decent Interactive Brokers with a good API support. ┬áLet’s see what happens.

From a Facebook follower, more reasons to like Oanda due to their hedging system:


Here are the losses due to SNB:


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