Learn complete R and Matlab for algorithmic trading

(Last Updated On: April 14, 2015)

Learn complete R and Matlab for algorithmic trading

I got a query about past learning R courses:

Hello Bryan, I’m a Spanish retail trader. I saw the offer of $137 for “COMPLETE R COURSES” some weeks ago and I planned to buy it when I had more time to see the courses. I saw yesterday that the link to buy the pack is still available, but at the same time I saw that there is another way to acquire the courses. On the one hand I’m a beginner in this kind of trading, on the other hand I have some problems to understand the English listening. That’s why I‘m just interested about the pack of R courses at the moment. So that, I would like to buy and try these courses first and later on, if I get to improve my listening understanding, I could sign up to the Premium member, if it’s possible. Another thing is that I would like to know more information about how “Daily Alerts” works. I would be grateful to receive an answer from you.

Thanks for the query. I have reinstated a bunch of links due to his but I have listed my R courses here:

Let me know if this helps:


More general learning:

As for the ‘daily alerts’,

this is still in flux as I was not happy with my original analytics. The results were not to my satisfaction so I am applying new algorithms which will be part of my Quant Elite service.
Thanks for the interest


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