Download NOSQL Aerospike PHP and Python client releases

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2015)

Download NOSQL Aerospike PHP and Python client releases

I am starting to hear this is becoming a contender for NOSQL

New Release: PHP Client 3.3.13

Download the latest PHP client release to access these updates:

Enhanced Large Ordered List
Implemented configuration globals through the constructor
Added support for namespaces with a null set in index creation, scan() and query()
Added Aerospike\Bytes wrapper

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New Release: Python Client 1.0.43

Download the latest Python client release to access these updates:

Consistent Unicode Handling
Allow for a `None` as the set value for index creation methods. Support scans and queries against a namespace alone (with the set given as None)

Read release notes and download ?

Community Contribution: Aerospark Connector

What cool things are you doing with Spark? Check out Sasha Polev’s Aerospark connector contribution in GitHub, and let us know what you think! Note: This is an experimental version for Spark 1.3.0 and Aerospike 3.1.0 API.

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See other community contributions in Aerospike Launchpad ?




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