ActiveTick is garbage! Too many clicks and this …

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2015)

ActiveTick is garbage! Too many clicks and this …

When signing up for their demo account, you waste a tonne of time going through all this registration junk to test their software for a test or demo account. You don’t need to go through this awful mess with Interactive Brokers at all so you know who my next choice is. Even when you complete the registration, you are greeted with this useless message:

We appologize, but it seems we are experiencing some technical difficulties with our website.
Please try your request again, or email support@activetick.com for help.

It looks like it was created by Russians as that was a default language. They cannot even spell apologize correctly so no wonder of the negative reviews and this time wasting registration effort. ┬áMulticharts is the same process aswell. Don’t bother!

I just checked my account which was created by despite the errors. Now I cannot even login into the platform software. Ugh. I gave up on options chain data until I can properly afford it via IQFeed.

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