Vic20 Tape Players are needed for HFT

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2015)
Vic20 Tape Players are needed for HFT
This was a joyous Facebook conversation I had a with a stranger today:
 (aah and the saga will continue tomorrow so join me for the exciting delivery of the FEED)
Hi Bryan

I am From India
hey i am from canada

And intrested in devloping a low litencey algo trading platform for hft and arbitrage

How can we move in this

and what will be the cost for prject

cost for devloping the algo software
that is like asing my how much will it cost to go to the sun
how much capital you got?

no i am a consultant who devlop teams for broker for arbitrage
dude, you really need to me a story

and also provide them traning regarding market operations
what do you want from me?

some broker had asked me about this so i am asking u for cost
cost of what?

i want to devlop an low letency algo software

so what will be the cost for that
i want to
5 million dollars

this is too much

an indian broker cant pay so much
your questions are vague


in india software vendors work on sharing basis

vendors provide software in leu they get sharing from profit
what do i get from you?

we will give u colo support and hardware

and an basic amount which we will fix mutually
i get that already

and as the software starts working u will get your share from profit
i get already
i have that

than can u give us a demo

r u working with any broker in india
why would I/

then how can i get ur help
help for what? an algo

what language would like

for lgo software

what programming language ?

sir it depends on u we want lowest letency in firing orders
ok i would suggest visual basic
that is pretty fast?
would like a sample algo

currently we are using omnisys and greek

ya sure if u can
this is real hft at its best ssshh don’t tell any one ok? it is our own little secret


i am sending u a sample sheet of software we r using

got that

if this way we just fill values and algo start fireing orders

now can u help me to develop this kind of software
this is what you want
so explain what i am looking at

in stgy column we define stgy then the difference we require then lots then traded qty then traded diff. and same for sell side
so what is orb1 img etc

orb1 means buy and orb 2 means sell
i knew that

now tell me how can be go ahead
are you ok with visual basic?
it is the fast language known to man

what will be the letency between 2 orders
2 business days ok?

not joking

we are working on 10 micro seconds
wow i am impressed

can we fire more faster than it through vb
have you ever heard of watson

oh man you don;t know what you are missing
i have access to this secret ibm project computer
sort of like a like a vic 20 but faster
you know that

it is fast
can you provide the data via cassette player?
it a new technology no one ever heard of

which data
the feed
do you have access to something that looks like this ?

what city are you in ?

oh good
do you know what a flea market is?

we basically get feed in our colo rack there we have database server where we read and execute trades on that behalf
this thing is propietary for my secretive system
you need to get one of these things
you can buy one for real cheap

but how can i record exchange feed into this
you hook it up to the computer
it is $55 USD on amazon
you may be able to get it cheaper in india

there is one is one spain on ebay

then should i record feed and send to u
if you send to me, it adds to the latency so it needs to be local to you
for lowest latency right?
that is what you want
i can give you the ebay link

wow you get a manual to
that is rare

i will try with it otherwise i will try to get feed file and mail that to u is it be fine

i will mail u it to u today positively


we have some softwares also which read this feed and convert it in excel on live basis will that be usefull
of course
that would be very useful

i will arange a system at my end and give u through team viewer

i will contact u with same 2moro
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