SPOT Forex arbitrage algo for a quant?

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2015)

SPOT Forex arbitrage algo for a quant?

I got this through my Contact Form:

I am interested to sign the membership ELITE, but I have some doubts. Is there any HFT algorithm for Forex SPOT? When signing, will learn the Algos program? The signature has some HFT system?


In order to do SPOT forex, you need a high quality data provider. I do have coding samples on how to use IQFeed but they also provide multiple data providers through 40 banks source with TenFore. That could be closest you could get data wise in affordable way as far as I know. In terms of algos that I got, they are universal for all asset classes.  I provide hundreds of coding examples of algos done in Matlab and R. You can download an Excel spreadsheet that details here.

Other details here

As for HFT, you need to have a trading account of at least $250K to do it effectively through a specialized HFT broker like Lime. All algos could be tweaked for that but I will be addressing that down the line as many are interested in retaining our services to help them.

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